Research Forest Children's Nature Education and Outreach Project
Faculty mentor/Supervisor: 
Jenna T Baker
Department Affiliation: 
Research Forests/Extension
Job Location: 
Research Forest Office (8692 Peavy Arboretum Road Corvallis, OR 97330)
Description of project or research opportunity: 
This project will consist of helping with outreach, research, and maintenance of Research Forest Children's Nature Education and Outreach Programming with a special focus on the Forest Discovery Program and Get Outdoors Day.
Tasks student will perform: 
50% Assist with Research Forest outreach and interpretation projects, which will include: - Assist with coordinating school trips and group tours to the Research Forests’ Forest Discovery Trail and Get Outdoors Day - Create engaging social media content for the Research Forest and Forest Discovery Club Facebook pages - Assist with newsletter content for monthly Research Forest e-newsletter - Conduct field testing of Forest Discovery materials to improve clarity and delivery - Coordinate translation of Forest Discovery and Get Outdoors Day materials into Spanish 30% Research inclusive nature-based programming, which will include: - Study the educational benefits of nature-based interpretive programming for children and families - Critique Research Forest outreach strategies from a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and seek feedback from diverse community organizations and individuals about barriers to use and enjoyment - Research and create recommendations for Research Forest nature programming that engages diverse community groups 15% Maintain the Forest Discovery Program Materials, which will include: - Regularly checking and maintaining paper materials at the Forest Discovery Program kiosk (2-3 times/week) - Walking the Forest Discovery Trail to check activity stops and reinstall missing or broken materials, including documentation of any vandalism on the trail (1-2 times/week) - Cleaning, restocking and monitoring the use and distribution of Forest Discovery Backpacks - Monitoring the use and distribution of the Forest Explorer’s Journal - Reprinting or recreating new materials for the activity stops and the kiosk when necessary - Identifying new and creative ways to update the existing Forest Discovery Program materials 5% Other duties as assigned
Special skills required: 
- Strong writing skills, including the ability to condense and organize large amounts of complex content into concise and clear written messages - Strong interpersonal communication skills and the ability and desire to interact with a diversity of people through interviews, emails, phone conversations, and meetings. - Experience with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Publisher, Excel, and PowerPoint) - Experience using social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) - Experience working directly with people from diverse racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds - The ability to hike at least one mile with mild elevation gain on uneven terrain in inclement weather (rain, sun, wind, snow)
Hourly rate of pay: 
Anticipated hours worked per week: 
Is your anticipated project start date different than November 16, 2021?: 
Proposal Type: 
Mentored Employment Program
COVID-19 Pandemic Response: 
The responsibilities of this position have been designed to allow for remote work when/if in-person work is not possible due to COVID-19. Importantly, if the mentee works at home, they will need access to their own computer. The following tasks can be accomplished remotely with reliable internet and phone access: - Researching and synthesizing information about inclusive nature-based programming - Creating and maintaining social media and website content - Uploading and editing content on the shared Research Forest server - Using email and phone conversations to connect with Research Forest staff and the community The following tasks need to be completed on-site but can be done with minimal physical contact: - Walking trails and maintaining program materials which are located outdoors - Tools will be available for remote-work communication between the undergraduate protege and the mentor, including: - Protege will have access to a remote server that contains training documents, protocols, and information to complete tasks - Protege will receive a Microsoft Teams account that contains several interactive functionalities for communication: messaging and chat, document sharing, video conferencing, and task tracking tools