Faculty/Staff FAQ

Looking for more general FAQ's?

If any of these answers are unclear or insufficient, please contact the Program Coordinator to ask your question.

What qualifies as a Continuing & Professional Education event?
There are a couple of factors to consider here. First, think about who the target audience is for the event. CPE events are meant to target professional foresters or other natural resource professionals, regardless of agency. Events targeted towards children, teachers, landowners, the general public, or other non-professional groups would generally not qualify. Second, the event should have the potential to benefit the College financially. The goal is to have a CPE program that is not only self-sustaining, but that allows for some excess program revenue to be realized for the College. It is also important to note that programs that are not sponsored by the CoF do not qualify for CPE services or assistance.

Who can assist with an online CPE event?
PACE (OSU Professional & Continuing Education), part of the Division of University Outreach and Engagement, can assist you with developing an online course or section for your course. If you would prefer to just work with the CPE office, contact the Program Coordinator and they will liaise with PACE to get your online course up to snuff.

What if I received a grant to put on an event?
We still want to know about it! Depending on what was written into the grant, we may or may not be able to help you with the event logistics.

What about conferences or symposia?
If the conference or symposium has the appropriate target audience, that would count. However, if you are just someone who was on a committee to put together a conference or symposium but it was not sponsored by the College of Forestry, it would not qualify for services or need to be reported.

Who is responsible for the costs associated with the CPE event?
That depends. If you have an agreement with your department regarding how they would support your event, then the department would cover the appropriate expenses. Otherwise, the cost of the event (including, but not limited to: printing materials or notebooks, printing nametags, catering, venue costs, transportation, lodging, etc…) would need to be covered by other appropriate funding.

Can I keep excess program revenue from a CPE event?
The short answer is yes. Each department has policies on how these funds may be used, so check with your department to clarify how to best allocate the excess funds into your accounts.

Does participation in CPE programs count toward promotion & tenure?
It does. For more on how CPE activities will count in a promotion and tenure review, talk to your department head and/or review the CoF Faculty Promotion and Tenure Guidelines.

Can the Department or College accept online registrations and handle credit card transactions?
Beginning in March 2015, we will be able to do that. Contact the Program Coordinator for more information.

Can you assist with CPE events in another state or country?
Yes! If you would like some assistance, please start by filling out the Event Request Form.

What if I do not need the help of the CPE Office?
We still want to know about your event! Please fill out the Event Notification Form AND the Event Report Form for any and all CPE activities conducted.

What is the minimum number of participants necessary to hold a CPE event?
There is no minimum number, but during the planning/budgeting process, you should determine if it makes sense for there to be a minimum that has to sign up for the program to be offered.

What if I decide that the event should be cancelled?
That is your decision. Please be aware that any event cancellations that result in a net loss will become the responsibility of the individual faculty member who identifies him/herself as the Event Leader. The Departments, College, and/or the CPE Office will not reimburse faculty members for losses incurred due to lack of interest or events that prevent travel of participants to the location of the event. If you are working with Conference Services, Western Forest Conservation Association, Professional and Continuing Education (PACE), or other service provider, they may have cancellation fees and policies that will also need to be honored.