Pacific Northwest Agroforestry Working Group

Training the next generation of agroforesters Alleycropping
 Training the next generation of agroforesters Alleycropping with black walnut and native grasses Hedgerows, riparian buffers, and goats for weed management


The PNW AgroForestry Working Group was formed as a result of a workshop held in May 2013 to assess the current status of PNW agroforestry education, research and outreach activities, and to ascertain the level of interest in forming a group like this in our region. This initial workshop linked 30 individuals from potential agroforestry-practicing agencies, universities, and institutes from Oregon, Washington, and Alaska with collaborators in Lincoln, Nebraska and Washington, D.C. in order to come up with the best possible model for the established group. The Working Group’s current interests are to promote the broader adoption of agroforestry practices, prioritize projects for initial collaboration, and identify potential funding sources.

For more information, please explore this site to see news, upcoming events, and to learn about the group’s early phases. If you are interested in getting involved or have questions, contact Badege Bishaw at badege.bishaw@oregonstate.edu.

PNW Agroforestry Exploratory Workshop held May 14, 2013
AgroForestry Workshop held October 21-22, 2014