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College Seeks Internal Applicants for two Endowed Faculty Positions

The College of Forestry seeks internal applicants for The Maybelle Clark Macdonald Professor of Teaching Excellence in Forestry and the Gene D. Knudson Chair in Forestry. See the announcements for more information and application requirements.

STIHL TIMBERSPORTS qualifier coming to OSU

Oregon State University will host the Western Qualifier for the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Series on March 30, featuring some of the top collegiate and professional lumberjack competitors in the western United States.  "We are honored to host the 2012 STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Series western qualifier here at Oregon State as part of the annual Western Forestry Clubs conclave," said John Mann, director of college forests for the OSU College of Forestry. "I am very proud of the leadership skills our students have demonstrated in preparation of this high profile event.”

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Publication explains how to stop spread of Sudden Oak Death

A newly updated publication outlines how the public can help stop the spread of a disease that has killed more than a million oak and tanoak trees in 14 coastal counties in California and thousands of tanoaks in Curry County, Ore.  "No one knows where the pathogen came from or how it was introduced in Oregon," said Dave Shaw, an Oregon State University plant pathologist and FERM professor. He and Ellen Goheen, plant pathologist with the U.S. Forest Service, are authors of the publication.

FERM graduate student featured on radio program

Inspiration Dissemination is a radio program on 88.7fm KBVR, Corvallis. This episode features Ben Flint - a MS student in the Forest Engineering and Resource Management Department at Oregon State University. In this episode, they discuss Ben's research on harvesting woody biomass as a feedstock for bioenergy.

Quantifying carbon sequestration over North America

The contemporary carbon budget of North America includes large emissions from fossil fuel combustion, but also significant sequestration in forestland and cropland.  A large research team, including David Turner from the Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society, recently developed a new approach to estimating the continental scale terrestrial carbon balance.

Quartet for the Earth

Sarah Frey's research is highlighted in OSU's Terra Magazine. It all started in 2008 at an American Ornithologists’ Union conference in Portland, where Sarah ran into OSU forest ecologist Matt Betts, an acquaintance from an earlier population-modeling workshop. “How about starting your Ph.D. next month?” he asked. A few weeks later, she was enrolled in the College of Forestry with a minor in Ecosystem Informatics.

Forestry industry quizzed about new uni course

Forestry industry representatives have been consulted in south-east South Australia about a new national education program. The University of the Sunshine Coast, with the Cooperative Research Centre for Forestry, is looking to develop a university course in forestry operations management. Professor Loren Kellogg from Oregon State University, in the US, has just started a tour of the nation to find out what training is needed and to consider the diverse needs.

College of Forestry joins OSU Libraries, CEOAS with Open Access policy

The Oregon State University College of Forestry has adopted an Open Access policy, joining the College of Earth, Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences and OSU Libraries in encouraging its researchers to make their published research available to the public by depositing it in ScholarsArchive@OSU, an institutional repository operated by the library. Barbara Lachenbruch, a professor with the department of Forest Ecosystems and Society, was instrumental in moving the College of Forestry toward an open access policy. She is an advocate for open sharing of academic research among both colleagues and the general public.

Forest education bill clears panel

A legislative subcommittee has advanced a bill to establish a fund dedicated to professional forestry education in Oregon.  Ray Wilkeson, president of the Oregon Forest Industries Council, said the bill is aimed at ensuring Oregon State University's College of Forestry continues to focus curriculum on professional forestry education.

Secretary Salazar Visits Oregon To Promote Ecological Timber Sales

Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar announced Tuesday he wants the Bureau of Land Management to expand an experimental timber project that incorporate ecological principles.  Two forestry professors, Jerry Franklin of the University of Washington and Norm Johnson of Oregon State University, have developed the concept for the BLM’s first three such pilot timber sales, which mimic some of the effects of fire on the forest ecosystem.