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OSU Alumni Association tabs Starkers for top honors

Bond and Barte Starker, co-owners of Corvallis-based Starker Forests Inc., have received the Oregon State University Alumni Association’s highest award in recognition of their work to keep alive a family tradition of responsible land management, ethical business leadership and service to the university, the community and the state.

National Competition Digs In To Central Oregon Dirt

This year’s competition is being hosted by Oregon State University’s Cascades Campus. The head of OSU Cascade’s Natural Resources program, forestry professor Ron Reuter, seems remarkably relaxed for a guy about to host his first national soil competition.

The Planet's Natural Air Filters

A new study by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Energy reveals just how powerful U.S. forests can be in ameliorating the polluting effects of our fossil fuel addiction

Spring edition of Focus on Forestry available

The Spring 2011 Focus on Forestry is now available!

OSU Awarded Tree Campus USA

We all know beavers like trees.  But these ones aren't cutting them down, they're planting them instead.  On the OSU campus almost everywhere you look, you see different types of trees.  So it's not surprising that Oregon State just got the re-certification for its 3rd straight year as Tree Campus USA.

Climate Change Takes Toll on the Lodgepole Pine

Rising temperatures, drought and the spread of destructive insect pests will shrink the North American range of the lodgepole pine  nearly 10 percent by 2020, a new study finds.  Full story

New regional boss appointed to head 17 national forests in Oregon and Washington

A 30-year veteran of the U.S. Forest Service is the new regional forester for the agency's Pacific Northwest region. Kent Connaughton will be in charge of 17 national forests and one national grassland in Oregon and Washington.

Science foundation grant funds water supply study

Researchers from Oregon’s three top universities will team up to study the regional water supply in the Willamette River Basin, and how it might be impacted by population growth and climate change.  Full Story

The future of the forest can sustain communities and the trees, OSU's College of Forestry dean says

Hal Salwasser's observations come across like forest clearcuts: Blunt, dramatic and starkly efficient. Just as some people think clearcuts are nothing but ugly, not everyone likes what Salwasser has to say. No matter. The dean of Oregon State University's College of Forestry holds a Biltmore  measuring stick to federal forest policy and calls out his readings: Not sustainable, he declares.

Sharks and wolves: predator, prey interactions similar on land and in oceans

There may be many similarities between the importance of large predators in marine and terrestrial environments, researchers concluded in a recent study, which examined the interactions between wolves and elk in the United States, as well as sharks and dugongs in Australia.