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In the Game of Extinction, It’s Good to Be Average

The research, published recently in the journal PNAS, is the latest, biggest news from the world of extinction science. The scientists, including William Ripple of the College of Forestry at Oregon State University, found that in any given group of animals—from bony fishes and birds to mammals and reptiles—species at the size extremes tend to be in the most trouble.

Wood construction becomes sexy again

To explore the uses and design possibilities of mass timber, the University of Oregon architecture program is combining efforts with Oregon State University’s forestry and engineering programs to create the Tallwood Design Institute.

Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project shows targeted thinning, burns can save homes

"We really don't have the capacity in most places to do the work at anything like the scale needed," said John Bailey, an Oregon State University professor of silviculture and fire management.

Mass timber research, manufacturing may be a game changer

The new forest science complex going up at Oregon State University will have a unique twist in its design; it will showcase technology largely developed by the school's researchers. The former Peavy Hall was razed to pave way for the new forestry center, which will be largely constructed using cross-laminated timber and mass-plywood panels, innovative products researched and developed at the school.

OSU forestry alum Henry Gholz dies in climbing accident

“Henry was a proven leader who was dedicated to our profession and was an outstanding member of the community,” said Troy Hall, department head of Forest Ecosystems & Society in the College of Forestry.

OSU introduces kids to Wood Magic

Michelle Maller, who organizes the event for OSU’s Department of Wood Science and Engineering, said about 1,100 kids attended the event, which ran Tuesday to Thursday. The program dates back 17 years, Maller said.

Learn about Central Oregon’s top-five evergreen trees

To better acquaint readers with some of Central Oregon’s diverse evergreens, The Bulletin spoke with David Shaw, a forest health specialist and an associate professor in Oregon State University’s Department of Forestry.

OSU researchers take to the skies to protect vineyards

Wednesday at the vineyard near Amity, Wing and Garms were surveying a field where the grapevines had been infected with red blotch disease, a viral infection that hampers fruit production. Wing said the flight was the fourth in a series of five monthly flyovers at the field where he and Garms were using an infrared camera to look for the disease. Wing said that they are testing whether the infrared camera can detect the disease earlier, because the cameras can see shades of red on the grapevine leaves that the human eye cannot see.

‘Mass timber’ tour will involve legislators, building officials

Locke said legislators and others who influence policy and development also should know about the state’s TallWood Design Institute, housed at Oregon State University. The institute is a collaboration between OSU’s colleges of forestry and engineering, and architectural faculty and students at the University of Oregon’s College of Design.

Federal fire suppression memo gets mixed response

John Bailey, professor at OSU’s College Of Forestry in Corvallis, agreed that Secretary Zinke was correct to call for increased management of forests in Central Oregon and beyond, but added that the memo lacked detail.