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Live Chat: Protecting the World’s Predators

Michael P. Nelson, who holds the Ruth H. Spaniol Chair of Renewable Resources and serves as the lead principal investigator for the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest Long-Term Ecological Research program, will be participating in a live chat on Thursday, January 9 at 12:00pm PST. Science magazine with be hosting this discussion about large predators and their effect on ecosystems.

Tree Sitters Protest Logging Viewed as New Model for BLM

The scheduled logging is also part of a pilot project designed by Northwest forestry professors, Norm Johnson at Oregon State University and Jerry Franklin at the University of Washington. The two have a long track record in conservation.

Corvallis woman honored by Outdoor Life magazine

Katie McCrae, undergrad in the Natural Resources program, was selected by Outdoor Life magazine as an individual recipient of its Open Country Award for her work with the Eugene Chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

$1 million USDA grant boosts Oregon State tree research for bioenergy

A $1 million grant to a research team led by Steve Strauss, Oregon State University distinguished professor of forest biotechnology, aims to boost America’s energy independence by helping to develop a tree-based bioenergy industry.

Montgomery, Albers co-PIs on $1.2 million NSF grant supporting cyber-enabled research

CoF faculty Claire Montgomery and Jo Albers are among five OSU researchers to receive a $1.2 million grant from the National Science Foundation’s Cyber-Enabled Sustainability Science and Engineering (CyberSEES) program.  The collaborative research group, led by principal investigator Thomas Dietterich and co-PIs Ronald Metoyer and Mark Crowley, all from OSU’s School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, will develop new algorithms that will work with ecosystem simulators and address the risk of catastrophic outcomes such as species extinction or catastrophic wildfires.  The research efforts set forth in this grant extend Montgomery’s and Albers’ previous work from 2008, when they also worked with Dietterich on a $1 million NSF Expeditions in Computing Program grant during which Albers created her invasive species models and Montgomery started her optimization of fire fuels management work.

Significant advance reported with genetically modified poplar trees

Forest geneticists at Oregon State University have created genetically modified poplar trees that grow faster, have resistance to insect pests and are able to retain expression of the inserted genes for at least 14 years, a report in the Canadian Journal of Forest Research just announced.  Steven Strauss, distinguished professor of forest biotechnology in the OSU College of Forestry, reports “in terms of wood yield, plantation health and productivity, these GMO trees could be very significant.”

Living with Fire

Time is relative when you’re a forest researcher. Students and faculty in the fire science program at Oregon State University are especially aware of this reality. Their research will transcend their own lifespans. Forests can also change quickly when fire is present, but the results of fire can be seen for years afterwards. That’s what fascinates Ph.D. candidate Chris Dunn.

Trek into New Territory

Ryan Brown, the Recreation Manager for the Research Forests, said that the Peavy Arboretum is a “gateway” to the 11,000 acre McDonald-Dunn Research Forests, owned and managed by Oregon State University. It is a good place to begin your explorations and “get grounded” in the forest landscape.

Alternative harvesting method provides foundation for Wyden O&C plan: Guest opinion

College of Forestry professor K. Norman Johnson is co-author of this opinion piece for the Oregonian.

Some foresee drones watching over Ore. wine grapes

Among the speakers is Oregon State University forestry engineering Professor Michael Wing, part of OSU's new Unmanned Vehicle System Research Consortium. In an Oregon State news release earlier this year, Wing described the state as the perfect spot for UAV testing.