Focus on Forestry - Fall 2017

Focus on Forestry is now an electronic magazine.  Fall 2017 articles are below.   

Exploring post-fire environments
Graduate student Will Downing, working with Assistant Professor Meg Krawchuk, spent most of his summer in the Blue Mountains observing how conifer forests recover after sustaining fire and unravelling the role of fire refugia – those places in the burn mosaic where the forest canopy persists – in supporting forest recovery and maintaining landscape biodiversity.



Practical applications discovered for Western Juniper
Scott Leavengood, director of the Oregon Wood Innovation Center, began his career at Oregon State twenty three years ago as a Klamath County extension agent. Back then, he answered many phone calls from county residents asking what they could do with their western juniper trees.




Blair Ruffing: From the ground up
“I didn’t apply to any colleges in Texas because I knew it was time to get out of the state. I ended up at Oregon State because of the top-ranked forestry program. As an added bonus, we have forests, mountains and the ocean practically in our back yard.” Ruffing was drawn to natural resources and developed her own individualized specialty which she named soil resource economics. 


Christian VedderChristian Vedder: A future in forestry
During stints in the military and his 20-year career as an emergency room nurse, forest management student Christian Vedder spent all of his free time in the woods climbing mountains or rolling over trails on his mountain bike. When the stress began to get to him, his wife suggested he look for a career that would allow him to work outside.



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