Fish and Wildlife Habitat in Managed Forests Research Program Projects


Riparian and Aquatic Habitat

  • Quantifying fish response to management creating riparian forest canopy gaps (FY 18 -FY 19)-- Dana Warren, Maryanne Reiter
  • Identifying distribution boundaries at the upper extent of fish in streams using eDNA (FY 18 -FY 19) -- Brooke Penaluna, Ivan Arismendi, Tiffany Garcia, Jessica Homyack, Taal Levi, Dana Warren
  • The Role of Catchment Storage in Controlling Stream Temperature Response to Forest Harvesting (FY 17) -- Catalina Segura, Nickolas Cook, Kevin Bladon
  • Predicting Stream Nutrient Concentrations from Landscape Metrics to Develop Better Nutrient Criteria (FY 17-FY 18) -- Alba Argerich, Kevin Bladon, Jeff Hatten,
    Sherri Johnson
  • Identifying primary and secondary controls on turbidity and sediment yield in Oregon’s long-term paired watershed studies (FY16-FY17) -- Kevin Bladon, Catalina Segura, Arne Skaugset, Sherri Johnson
  • Natural Variability in Water Quality and Changes after Forest Harvest in the Trask Watershed (FY 2015-FY 2016) -- Jeff Hatten, Alba Argerich, Sherri Johnson
  • Modeling Geomorphic Response to Large Wood Introduction as a Strategy to Restore Fish Habitat in Managed Forest Watershed (FY 2015-FY 2016) -- Catalina Segura, Christopher Lorion, Stacy A. Polkowske
  • Technical Support and Database Management for the Alsea Watershed Study Revisited (FY 2015); Jeffery Hatten, Amy Simmons
  • Sediment Transport Prototypes: Novel Methods to Disconnect Roads from Streams (FY 2014-FY 2015) -- Ben Leshchinsky, Kevin Boston, Marvin Pyles, Arne Skaugset
  • Technical Support and Database Management for Manuscript Preparation: Alsea Watershed Study (FY 2014) -- Jeff Hatten, Amy Simmons
  • How Does Harvesting Affect the Source and Quantity of Instream Sediment and How Does that Affect Instream Organisms? (FY 2014-FY 2015) -- Jeff Hatten, Sherri Johnson, Judy Li, Alba Argerich
  • Riparian Forest Structure and Bottom-up Drivers of Fish Production in Headwater Streams (FY 2014-FY 2015) -- Michael P. Nelson, Dana Warren, Ivan Arismendi
  • Forest Management Strategies in the Hinkle Creek Watershed Demonstration Area Project:Evaluation of Post-harvest Treatment Seasonal Stream Water Nutrient Concentrations (2007-2010) -- Kermit Cromack, Jr., Lisa Ganio, Arne Skaugset, Judith Li
  • Managed Forests and Their Role in Maintaining Water Quality in a Multi-land Use River Basin:Assessment of Water Year 2006 (2007) -- Stephen Schoenholtz
  • Analysis of Cumulative Impacts on Biotic and Abiotic Responses in Stream Networks Due toContemporary Forest Practices (2006-2009) -- Lisa Ganio, Robert Gresswell, Judith Li, ArneSkaugset
  • The Influence of Riparian Vegetation and Stream Condition on Water Quality After Timber Harvest on Non-Fish-Bearing Headwater Streams (2005-2007) -- Arne Skaugset, Stephen Schoenholtz and Kermit Cromack
  • Response of Macroinvertebrates to Harvest in Hinkle Creek Headwaters (2005-2007) -- Judith Li, William Gerth, John Hayes
  • Contributions of Riparian Vegetation to Terrestrial and Aquatic Food Chains: Contrasting Alder and Douglas-fir Riparian Forests (2004-2006) -- Steven Perakis and Dave Hibbs
  • Habitat Conservation for Stream Amphibians in a Managed Forest Landscape (2004-2008) -- Michael Adams and John Hayes
  • Managed Forests and Their Role in Maintaining Water Quality in a Multi-land Use River Basin (2004-2008) -- Stephen Schoenholtz
  • Examining Linkages between Multi-scaled Riparian Data, Fish Habitat Characteristics, and Coastal Cutthroat Trout (Oncorhynchus clarki clarki) Populations (2001-2003) -- Barbara Schrader, Lisa Ganio, Robert Gresswell
  • Influence of Forest Management on Headwater Stream Amphibians (2001-2002) -- John P. Hayes, Lisa Ganio
  • The Magnitude and Timing of Surface Runoff from Forest Roads Relative to Stream Flow in Live Stream-crossing Culverts in the Oak Creek Watershed (2001-2003) -- Arne Skaugset
  • The Role of Perennial, Non-fish-bearing Streams in the Temperature and Flow Regimes of Small, Fish-bearing Headwater Streams During Summer in Western Oregon (2001-2004) -- Arne Skaugset
  • Analysis of Western Oregon Aquatic Habitat Conditions at a Habitat Unit Scale (2000-2001) -- Michael Wing, Arne Skaugset
  • Role of Headwater Riparian Zones in Fish and Wildlife Habitat: Amphibians in Headwater Streams (1997-2001) -- John P. Hayes
  • Factors Affecting Fish Passage Through Culverts in Managed Forests/Engineering Standards for Fish Passage Through Culverts in Managed Forests (1994-1999) -- Marvin R. Pyles
  • Influence of Riparian Alder on Fish Habitat (1994-1999) -- Mike Newton, Stan Gregory
  • Stream Survey Database and Database Management (Service Activity)(1994-1999) -- Lisa Ganio, Gody Spycher
  • Testing Methodologies to Assess Riparian Habitat and the Influence on Fish Habitat and Abundance:  A Pilot Study (2000-2001) -- Barbara Schrader, Robert Gresswell
  • The Utility of Forest Stream Survey Data for Forest Resources Management and Policy Development (1994-2000) -- Michael Wing, Arne Skaugset, Lisa Ganio


Riparian and Aquatic Habitat / Socio-economic Implications of Forest Management

  • Active Management in Riparian Zones (1994-1998) -- Mike Newton and Paul Adams


Socio-economic Implications of Forest Management

  • Assessment of the Economic Implications of Various Strategies for Incorporating Fish and Wildlife Habitat Considerations in Forest Management (1994-2002) -- Doug Brodie
  • Spatial Techniques for Modeling Timber Harvest-Fish Habitat Management Alternatives on the Grande Ronde River System (1994-1997) -- Pete Bettinger, Norm Johnson, John Sessions


Terrestrial Habitat

  • Does a Lack of Structures for Nest Building Limit Red Tree Vole Occupancy of Actively Managed Forest? (FY 18- FY 19) -- Damon Lesmeister, John Bailey, Mark Linnell
  • Experimental Evaluation of Plethodontid Salamander Response to Forest Harvest (FY 18- FY 19) -- Tiffany Garcia, AJ Kroll, Jessica Homyack, Claudine Reynolds, David Shaw
  • From Chaos to Consistency: Moving Towards Data Stewardship and Sharing for the Watershed Research Cooperative (FY17) -- Jon Souder, Jeff Hatten, Lisa Ganio, Kevin Bladon
  • Assessing Pollinator Response to Natural and Anthropogenic Disturbances in Mixed-Conifer Forests (FY 17-FY 18) -- Jim Rivers, James Cane
  • Distribution of Rare Forest Carnivores (Fisher, Marten) in Coastal Southern Oregon (FY 17) -- Katie Moriarty, John Bailey
  • Revisiting the CFIRP: Assessing long-term ecological value and characteristics of snags created for wildlife  (FY16-FY17) -- Jim Rivers, Joan Hagar
  • Top-down effects of wildlife and bottom-up drivers of soils and productivity in intensively managed forest plantations (FY16) -- Jeff Hatten, Matt Betts, Thomas Stokely
  • Experimental Evaluation of Plethodontid Salamander Responses to Forest Harvesting (FY 2015-FY 2016) -- Barbara Lachenbruch, Tiffany Garcia, Andrew J. Kroll, Blake Murden
  • Assessing the Demographic Response of Early Songbird Species to Intensive Forest Management (FY 2015-FY 2016) -- Matthew G. Betts, James W. Rivers
  • Effects of Landscape-Scale Forest Management on Pacific Marten Occupancy and Population Connectivity in Coastal Oregon (FY 2015-FY 2016) -- John Bailey, Keith Slauson, Katie Moriarty
  • Early Seral Ecosystem Services Provided by Wildlife Across a Gradient in Herbicide Use: An Experimental Study (FY 2014-FY 2015) -- Matthew G. Betts, Jake Verchuyl, Thomas Stokely
  • The Effect of Road Characteristics and Road/Stream Connectivity on Delivery of Sediment to Streams in the Oak Creek Watershed (2005-2007) -- Arne Skaugset, George Ice
  • Revision of "Habitat Use by Snag-Associated Species: A Bibliography for Species Occurring in Oregon and Washington" (2005) -- John Hayes, Janet Erickson
  • Influence of Alternative Silvicultural Practices on Songbirds (2001-2005) -- John P. Hayes
  • Snags and Reserved Green Trees: Mortality Rates and Primary Cavity Nester Use (2000-2003) -- Chris Maguire
  • Influence of Silvicultural Treatments and Manipulation of Downed Wood on Abundance and Demographics of Small Mammals (1999-2002) -- John P. Hayes
  • Coarse Woody Debris and the Abundance of Forest Vertebrates (1997-2002) -- Chris Maguire, Doug Maguire; (1994-1997) -- Bill McComb, Carol Chambers
  • Enhancing Wildlife Habitat in Mature Forests by Thinning (1994-1999) -- Mike Newton, Chris Maguire
  • Evaluating Alternative Techniques for Snag Creation for Wildlife Values (1994-1997) -- Mike Newton
  • Identification and Evaluation of Northern Spotted Owl Habitat in Managed Forests of Southwest Oregon and the Development of Silvicultural Systems for Managing Such Habitat (1994-1999) -- David Hann, Robert Anthony
  • Processes in the Development of Man-Made Snags (1994-1999) -- Mike Newton, Greg Filip, Catherine Parks
  • Response of Forest Vegetation, Forest Structure, and Wildlife to Harvest in Older Stands (1994-1998) -- David Hibbs, Bill McComb, Carol Chambers


Terrestrial Habitat / Socio-economic Implications of Forest Management

  • Response of Vegetation and Wildlife to Changes in Stand Structure and Pattern Due to Harvesting in McDonald and Dunn Research Forests (1994-2000) -- Chris Maguire, Rebecca Johnson, Bo Shelby, Loren Kellogg, Debbie Johnson, Carol Chambers, John Tappeiner, Bill McComb
  • Response of Vegetation and Wildlife to Thinning Regimes in Younger Stands (1994-1999) -- Bill McComb, John Tappeiner, Loren Kellogg, Eldon Olsen, Paul Adams, Art McKee, Steve Garman


Tools for Managing Fish and Wildlife Habitat

  • Empirical Modeling of Windthrow Occurrence on Streamside Corridors Using Stream Configuration and Stand Level Information (2007-2008) -- Temesgen Hailemariam
  • Annotated Bibliography of the Effects of Conventional Silvicultural Approaches on Fish and Wildlife Habitat (1997-2002) -- Barbara Schrader, Kathy Maas-Hebner
  • Development of a Manual on Habitat Modification (Technology-Transfer Activity) (1994-1998) -- Arne Skaugset
  • Evaluation of the Utility and Feasibility of Establishing a Forestry, Fish, and Wildlife Information Center (Technology-Transfer Activity) (1994-1998) -- Dan Edge, Ed Jensen, Nancy Boriack
  • Forest Stream Survey Workshop (Technology-Transfer Activity) (1994-1997) -- Arne Skaugset
  • Snag Function and Management Problem Analysis/Annotated Bibliography (1994-1999) -- Bill McComb, John P. Hayes


Tools for Managing Fish and Wildlife Habitat / Riparian and Aquatic Habitat

  • Fish Passage Design Guide (Technology-Transfer Activity) (1999-2002) -- Marvin R. Pyles, E. George Robison