Student Profile: Melissa Stone — Forest Engineering/Civil Engineering

by Danielle White

Melissa Stone, a junior in Forest Engineering/Civil Engineering, spent her summer pioneering western Alaska while working as a Project Engineer Intern for an Alaskan construction company.

While working for Cruz Construction, Inc. her duties included, but were not limited to, basic engineering applications such as load and grade calculations, ADOT specification compliance, time and materials observation and negotiation, editing AutoCAD drawings, "hub hopping," helping with minor surveys for elevation establishment, and assisting the Senior Project Manager in construction, operations, and maintenance activities, including transporting of supplies and materials via barge or charter flight. Minor air traffic control for safety, assisting with SWPPP inspections for quality control, estimating quantities and cost of materials, and manual labor were also included in her summer activities.

This internship was non-stop from start to finish. Working on average 14 hours a day, 7 days a week for 3.5 months, she learned a lot about the construction field, but more about herself and the bittersweet nature of being thousands of miles from everything she knows.

Working for Cruz Construction was a wonderful experience which allowed her to work in a gorgeous state and experience the wild in a way she had never imagined. Grayling, Alaska provided an outlet for her addiction to work as well as hiking, fishing and hunting. She would do it again and recommends the adventure to everyone. Her favorite part of the job was getting to know her coworkers and exploring the surrounding areas of the remote camp.