Renewable materials students team up to successfully design, create, and sell new product as part of capstone course series

Students in the Oregon State University renewable materials program recently completed another successful concept-to-market entrepreneur experience three-term capstone course, as the group of students designed and produced collapsible 22 oz. bottle carriers and Oregon River Map magnets.

After the successful bottle opener product launch the previous year, the class decided to brand and name the company Avery Wood Products; so, future capstone classes will operate under the name.

During the term, 11 students from OSU and the University of Oregon were given the opportunity to simulate a real product launch, from concept to market. The students prototyped the products, refined the design, created a production schedule utilizing the CNC router, laser engraver and other conventional wood-working equipment, using skills they have learned from other classes in renewable materials manufacturing, marketing, product design, and business.

The success of the class depends on students with diverse backgrounds so that all aspects of a small business can be handled efficiently. As part of the course, the class redesigned the company website (averywoodproducts.com) and created all promotional materials for the project.

The products quickly sold out as the capstone course profited over $2000, which will be used as seed money for the next class and to repair or improve the workshop. To learn more about the capstone program or to get involved, contact Kent Davis, instructor for wood science and engineering.