Natural Beauty

Auna Godinez’s eyes dance around the coffee shop in the Valley Library until they fall on a wooden cart that holds chips and other snacks. It’s something other students might never notice, but to Godinez, it’s a thing of beauty.

“Look at the curls in that wood,” she says admiringly.

Godinez admits she does this a lot — picking out and studying different kinds of wood and wood products around campus. Her favorite kind is spalted wood — wood with coloration caused by fungi — which she’s studied in Sara Robinson’s wood science and engineering lab in the College of Forestry.

Godinez also found a home quickly in the College of Forestry through the Strengthening Education and Employment for Diverse Students program. Better known as SEEDS, it supports underrepresented students in the college from their first year through graduation with real-world work experiences and mentoring from faculty and forestry professionals.

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