Mariapaola Riggio: on the ground floor of advanced wood products construction

Growing up in Italy, Mariapaola Riggio has been always exposed to the allure of art, design and history –restoration of historical buildings later became the focus of her career.Riggio, an assistant professor of wood design and architecture, comes from a family of engineers.“I grew up in my father’s office, basically,” Riggio said. “I was there in kindergarten drawing on a small table while he was working on the big one.” “When I was a graduate student at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence, I met a professor who was an expert on historical timber structures, which increased my interest in them,” she says.

Riggio earned her Master in Architecture with a focus on restoration of wooden vaults and spent several years spent working both in Italy and Germany and began studying for a Ph.D. in timber engineering.

“Now I try to integrate engineering and architecture perspectives in my research,” she says. Riggio studied the application of different methodologies for analysis and restoration of existing timber structures, which led directly to her research at Oregon State. She arrived in September 2015 and is currently evaluating the long-term performance of mass timber buildings using integrated monitoring methodologies.

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