Making Time Count

by Bryan Bernart

Many undergraduate students are satisfied completing only one degree and using their out-of-class hours for recreation. Not Camille Moyers. The 22-year-old senior studying both renewable materials and interior design arrived at OSU in 2011 and promptly got involved with academic organizations in addition to her coursework. 

Moyers, a SE Portland native, took a fairly straightforward path to Oregon State. “My sister had been at OSU for a few years before it was my turn to start looking at colleges. I was already comfortable with Corvallis from trips I’d taken to visit her,” Moyers says. She didn’t want to be too far from home, and knew that OSU had a strong Interior Design and Housing Studies program. “It seemed almost like a no brainer to come to OSU, given all of the things that I wanted.”

Moyers completed her interior design studies last fall, and now studies full time in the College of Forestry’s Renewable Materials program in the Department of Wood Science & Engineering. Through courses in marketing, processing and manufacturing, and general application of renewable materials in the domestic and global markets, Moyers believes that she and her fellow RM comrades are gaining a well-rounded perspective on the renewables industry as a whole. Not only that, one of the program’s greatest strengths lies in its ability “to connect students with industry professionals, which allows graduates to have options upon receiving their diplomas,” she says.

When she’s not in class, Moyers is involved with the OSU chapter of the Forest Products Society and serves as the secretary of the International Forestry Students Association (IFSA). In addition, she serves on IFSA’s International Board of Directors—a commitment of 10 to 20 hours per week.

Isn’t it stressful to do so much while still maintaining a high GPA? Moyers acknowledges that while it can be difficult to keep up with it all, she is someone who thrives on challenges and enjoys staying busy: “I find myself most productive when I have so many things to do that I have no option but to organize, color code, and schedule my days hour-by-hour.” 

Moyers notes that she has also learned to recognize when she’s stretched herself too thin, however. “I know the importance of taking off time for myself—we all have our limits. I take no shame in making use of my amazing support group of friends, family, and faculty members here at OSU.”

An avid traveler, Moyers would like to find a position in wood products marketing after graduation that will allow her to work internationally. She was able to participate in two travel abroad programs offered by College of Forestry - International Programs: a trip to Scandinavia in 2013 that combined her interest in architecture with her RM studies, and to Australia in summer 2014. Within the next three years, she intends to begin work on a master’s in sustainable architecture.

Moyers advises new students seeking to follow her example of hard work and academic excellence to be mindful of their goals and stay in touch with themselves. “Make sure that what you’re doing really makes you happy,” she says. “If it does, it will make the all-nighters and weekend overtime so much more pleasurable.” She’s quick to add, “If you don’t know what that is yet, it’s all right to take your time to figure it out. There’s no rush in getting through college—these have been some of the best years in my life, and I have found some amazing friends and opportunities I never would have encountered without the College of Forestry or its networking opportunities.” 

She urges incoming freshmen, as well as all other undergrads, to “build a strong foundation of faculty members and peers that you can rely on. There’s a great sense of community in the College of Forestry, so take advantage of it and enjoy it.”

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