Institute for Working Forest Landscapes Research Professorships

The Oregon State University College of Forestry has announced Matt Betts and Jeff Hatten are the first recipients of the Institute for Working Forest Landscapes (IWFL) Research Professorships. Betts, an associate professor in landscape and wildlife ecology at Oregon State, will be using his professorship to create a Forest Biodiversity Research Network. Hatten, an assistant professor with a focus on forest watershed management, will be advancing research in forest soils by a variety of mechanisms. A large number of faculty and student researchers are expected to be engaged in both projects.

The IWFL professorships fund world-class researchers in the early part of their careers to lead research, to promote effective translation of research, and to strengthen research leadership at the highest academic levels. They are awarded to faculty who will be able to communicate effectively about science as related to working forest landscapes and renewable materials from the forest. The three-year award includes $50,000 in annual research funding and a three-credit reduction in teaching duties.

In November 2013, the College launched the Institute for Working Forest Landscapes (IWFL) to focus research programs on innovative approaches for managing landscapes that will enhance people’s lives and improve the health of our lands, businesses and vital ecosystems. The IWFL will develop adaptive forest management techniques that integrate social, ecological, and economic objec¬tives at the landscape level. It will continue to operate under the auspices of the Forest Research Laboratory to more clearly focus the work of College faculty and students to meet the needs of Oregon.

For more information, visit the Institute for Working Forest Landscapes website.