Ambassador Profile: The Forest Called Her Name

Alyssa Forest is a junior from Sacramento, CA majoring in Natural Resources, with an option in Natural Resource Policy and Management. Being in Northern Central California, she grew up near amazing landscapes including blue Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, and the monumental Redwood Forests. These landscapes inspired Alyssa’s deep-rooted love for nature.

“My family always loved outdoor recreation; and adventuring through the beautiful forests of California gave me a sense of responsibility to respect the environment,” she explains.

When it came to choosing a university, the beautiful state of Oregon was practically calling her name. When Alyssa visited Oregon State University, it truly felt like home.

“The town of Corvallis, combined with the welcoming campus, was the right choice for me instantly, and I knew there was nowhere else I’d rather attend college,” Alyssa recalls.

Initially, Alyssa declared a major in Graphic Design. At the beginning of her third year, she decided to change her major to Natural Resources because she wanted to apply her love of the outdoors and protecting the environment with her degree.

“Natural Resources gives me the chance to learn all of the science surrounding natural areas, along with the policies that have the ability to shape their future,” she says. “I hope to be a bridge between science and policy, so that the decisions of our leaders reflect the best possible future.”

As a Forestry Ambassador, Alyssa hopes to learn leadership skills that will help shape her future career. She also wants to encourage new and prospective students to realize their true potential through Oregon State University. Meet the Forestry Ambassador team.