Advisor Profile: OSU Feels Like Home

McKenzie Huber is the newest Natural Resources advisor, and she also serves as the new Forestry Ambassador Coordinator. She came to Oregon State as an undergraduate in 2006 and began exploring ways to work on a college campus . She stayed at OSU after a great undergraduate experience, and earned a master’s degree in College Student Services Administration. She landed her first job at Oregon State and has been here ever since. One of the things she loves most about Corvallis is that it has become home for her. She loves working here and supporting students.

As an academic advisor, McKenzie helps her advisees to succeed both personally and academically. She focuses on helping students to accomplish their goals and get the most out of their college experience. Advisors in the College of Forestry are the consistent person that students can go to for advice on classes and academic success. McKenzie enjoys working with a team of advisors that really care about students.

McKenzie says that her Natural Resources students are passionate about solving problems, and take a critical look at our environment and our impact on it. They are involved and engaged, often getting internships and investing a lot in their education. Like many of her students, McKenzie loves the outdoors, and frequently visits the Peavy Arboretum with her dog. She also likes to travel, read and watch Netflix, of course!

As the Forestry Ambassador Coordinator, McKenzie has been further developing the Ambassador program. She created a new Forestry Ambassador website, and this winter and spring McKenzie will recruit, hire and train the new Ambassadors. The Ambassador program focuses on leadership development and connecting students to college stakeholders. To learn more, visit the Ambassador Program website.