Forestry (Operations option) Careers

Career Paths

The Forestry (Operations option) degree program prepares graduate for numerous career opportunities, including:

  • Professional Forester
  • Forest Operations Manager
  • Contract Administrator
  • Harvest Supervisor
  • Silviculturist
  • Business Manager
  • Private/Family Business Owner

The Forestry (Operations option) degree program educates society-ready natural resource professionals with strengths in forest operations, forest management, and business management to support the needs of the forestry sector in Oregon. Currently, we anticipate the greatest demand for these graduates to be from the forest industry and the contractors that support operations on industrial and state agency forestlands where timber production is a land management objective. For example, graduates are well-prepared to work in the forest products industry as entry-level managers of forest operations projects for service firms such as logging or silvicultural contractors, or be employed directly as company or agency representatives that supervise this growing contracting work force. Additionally, graduates will have the business background that will allow them to add value to the growing new class of forest landowners in Oregon - the timberland investment management organizations.

Those who complete this program will be well prepared to continue on to graduate school in a variety of disciplines that range from forestry to business. Graduates will have completed the foundational coursework required to apply for admission into an MBA graduate program. Completion of this graduate degree is a common approach used to enhance career options in the private forestry sector.

To explore more forestry-related career paths, check out the Find Your Path booklet by the Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI).