Sustainable Forest Management (MF, MS, and PhD)

Sustainable Forest Management (MF, MS, and PhD)


Hailey Buckingham is interested in how computer simulations and large-scale landscape modeling can be used to inform policy decisions for natural resource use.  She is also interested in how the scientific and technical fields like Ecology and Natural Resource Management (Forestry in particular) interplay with Economics to form our government and industry policies.  Hailey's Area of Concentration is Forest Policy Analysis and Management and Applied Economics.

The Sustainable Forest Management graduate program emphasizes the conservation of forest-dominated landscapes to meet a defined set of ecological, economic and social criteria over long time frames. The program follows the sustainable principles outlined by the Montreal Process Criteria and Indicators. These principles have been adopted by the state of Oregon.

This program provides a strong grounding in the principles and techniques of active management of forests to improve forest health and condition while producing a full range of products and ecosystems services. It consists of a common core in the principles and criteria of sustainable forest management; statistics for design and interpretation of experiments; and specialization in one of six areas of concentration.

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About the Department

The Department of Forest Engineering, Resources, and Management is comprised of a unique group of specialists in forest management, engineering, biometrics, hydrology, forest health, and silviculture working to support decisions for sustainable forests. Programs and research emphasize all aspects of active forest management and restoration from regeneration through harvest for multiple land use objectives, including wood production and management for values other than wood.

Graduate programs in the College of Forestry are administered at the department level. You can obtain more information about the SFM program by visiting the FERM Department website.

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