Student Success

Student Success


CoF OrientationCoF Orientation

The new CoF graduate student orientation will be held on campus and at the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest September 17th and 18th, 2015.

See the Orientation agenda (revised 9/11/15).    

Drone's eye view of 2014 Orientation.

The all-college orientation is held every Fall.


Megan Hickman has set aside a number of hours to be available to new graduate students on a drop-in basis.  She’ll be available to answer your HR-related questions and/or receive your employment paperwork on the following dates:

Before Orientation!  Thursday, September 17, 2015, from 8 to 9:30 AM in the business center office (Peavy Hall 154)

After Orientation!  Monday, September 21, 2015, from 2 to 5 PM in Peavy Hall 154

If you need to contact Megan prior to Orientation, she can be reached at 541-737-3134 or megan.hickman@oregonstate.edu.  If you would like to submit your employment paperwork outside of these drop-in hours, please contact Megan directly by email or telephone to schedule an appointment. 



Campus Orientations

Fall Graduate School Orientation (and Teaching Assistant Orientation) Information can be found here.

Quarterly International Student Orientation Information can be found here.


Academic SuccessAcademic Success

The CoF Survival Guide includes information on


Grad School's Success PageThe Graduate School's Academic Progress Page offers guidance on

  • scheduling exams/formal meetings
  • important Grad School deadlines
  • forming your graduate committee
  • University degree requirements
    • final Exam requirements
    • formatting your thesis/dissertation
  • last steps prior to graduation/commencement

The Graduate School's Student Success initiative provides professional development and lists campus-wide graduate student resources on their website.






Student InvolvementStudent Involvement

Graduate Student Council (GSC)

The GSC is a contingent of CoF graduate students dedicated both to representing the needs of graduate students to the CoF administration and to organizing programs and events that bring our cohorts together as a community of friends and colleagues.  The GSC hosts the annual Western Forestry Graduate Research Symposium (WFGRS), which involves two days of student presentations and posters, keynote speakers, as well as an awards banquet.  GSC members also organize Forest GUMP - The College of Forestry's Undergraduate/Graduate Mentorship program.

Diverse Perspectives in Forestry Group (DPFG)

The Diverse Perspectives in Forestry Group is a space for undergraduate, graduate, faculty, staff, and others in the College of Forestry to explore and promote a diversity of viewpoints; people; and approaches in environmental work. It seeks to foster an inclusive social environment that ultimately enriches the CoF community by highlighting the power of diverse perspectives in our community and professions.    Contact or for more information.


OSU Chapters, Forestry Clubs

International Forestry Students Association (IFSA)

Society of American Foresters



Social Media/CoF Publications

Watch out for the Trees, CoF's Graduate Student Announcements blog

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Focus on Forestry, the official college magazine

ScholarsArchive, with new and historic College of Forestry/Oregon Forest Research Laboratory publications (including completed Forestry theses and dissertations)