Frequently Asked Questions

I am not sure which Forestry graduate program I want.  Who should I talk with about it?

Contact the CoF Graduate Programs Manager for assistance.


What do OSU graduate students pay in quarterly fees and tution? 

The official Graduate Tuition and Fee Schedule can be found on the OSU Business Affairs website.

I am having issues with the online graduate application system.  Who should I contact with my application-specific questions? 

Contact Graduate School support or visit their FAQ page.


How will my program receive my applicant letters of reference?

Reference letters must be uploaded via the Graduate School’s online reference management tool.  For more information on that tool, visit the Graduate School’s help site:  http://gradschool.oregonstate.edu/help/docs/34  

My undergraduate degree was in an unrelated field. Will that affect my chances of being admitted?


If you meet the basic requirements, we encourage you to apply regardless of your academic background.

I'm an Ecampus student.  Do I qualify for College-level support?

Although ineligible for College-level support, Ecampus students may locate possible funding opportunities on Ecampus's Tuition and Financial Aid site.


What is the main difference between the MF (Master of Forestry) and MS (Master of Science) degrees?

The Master of Forestry (MF) degree is a non-thesis degree designed to meet the continuing education and promotion needs of working professionals.  This degree typically takes 12-15 months to complete and requires the student work on a capstone project.

Please note: The MF is considered a professional degree rather than a research degree. This degree will usually not meet the requirements of Ph.D. programs requiring a prior MS degree.

The Master of Science (MS) degree is structured specifically for those interested in careers in research, teaching, and specialized areas of forestry.  The MS degree requires a thesis and is typically completed in 24 months.


Additional FAQ Pages

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