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Forest Ecosystems and Society

Jessica Bagley

FES Graduate Program Coordinator

Phone:  541-737-6556

Sustainable Forest Management

Madison Dudley

SFM Graduate Program Coordinator

Phone:  541-737-1349

Wood Science and Engineering

Jessica King

WSE Graduate Program Coordinator

Phone:  541-737-5723

 Helene Serewis

Helene Serewis

College of Forestry Graduate Programs Manager

Phone:  541-737-1156

Email: forestry.gradprograms@oregonstate.edu


 John Bliss

John Bliss

Associate Dean for Graduate and International Programs

Phone: 541-737-1541

Email: john.bliss@oregonstate.edu



Mailing Address

Office of the Associate Dean for Graduate & International Programs

College of Forestry

Oregon State University

140 Peavy Hall

Corvallis, OR 97331-5710

For a .pdf file of the Peavy and Richardson Hall building plans, please click here.